Anatomy of betrayal 

 A journey into dark desires 

Genre: arthouse, drama
Status: completed, 2018
Countries: Russia, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Palestine, China
Production: Lendoc film studio, Saint Petersburg

Screenplay: Nick Dreyden, Russia (based on the theatrical plays by Valentine Krasnogorov and story by Lilia Burdinskaya).
Directed by: Nick Dreyden, Russia
Composer: Alexey Retinsky, Austria
Producer: Alexey Telnov

Cast: Anu Palevaara (Finland), Alexander Anria (Finland), Jytte Kjoberg Jorn (Denmark), Kasper Ravnhoe (Denmark), Florian Lenz (Germany), Lilia Burdinskaya (Russia), Nick Dreyden (Russia), Evgeny Tkachuk (Russia), Polina Tolstun (Russia).

Year of the production: 2017

Four stories, 5 countries (China, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Palestine). 

Love comes and dies. It comes immediately, like a shot. It dies slowly, day by day, year by year. Flirting with genres, irony, humour, variety of rhythms, appeal to cultures of different countries: а modern polyphony of a bitter side of love.

Novel 1 - "Meat mincer “Happiness”
China. The director from Europe advertises new meat mincer “Happiness”. The rich customer forces director to change the concept. When he tries to disappear, Chinese crew threats him with death. Now he must to change or treat himself finally.

Novel 2 - "We never quarrel"
Finland. Current days. Somewhere in Scandinavia. He and She - they are perfect European couple. Today is the anniversary of their wedding. They are lying to each other for ten years. But today they have to tell the truth to each other. Even if the revelations will lead them to death...

Novel 3 - "Clara is getting married"
Austria. She is a well-known Russian model. She lives in Vienna. Today is her wedding day and Clara wakes up with her man. They have fight and he leaves. Few minutes later he comes back as a coffee delivery boy with coffee and croissants. Klara picks up the role game and tells him as to delivery boy what she couldn't tell her future husband. Innocent game destroys all…

Novel 4 - "Maiden and the death"
Denmark-Palestine. An old woman, famous dancer in the past who lives her last days. One day she receives an invitation to go to Palestine and to take part in a dance theatre show "The death and the maiden" by a young radical and unique dictator Palestinian choreographer Rachèl. From step by step friendship becomes to fight. Between old and young, weakness and force, naivety and intelligence, the West and the East...